Who responds to a nine-month-old tweet with news about an upcoming phone announcement? Andy Rubin, apparently. The Founder and CEO of Essential may be going through a (likely very messy) divorce, but he took the time today to respond to a near-ancient Twitter discussion telling folks to "hang tight" and that his company would "make an announcement" in regards to tweets encouraging Essential to release another phone.


Details here are incredibly sparse, with just seven words and context to go on, but it certainly sounds like Essential may be gearing up to make an announcement regarding a new phone soon. Rubin teased the original Essential Phone at Recode Code Conference back in 2017, and this year's conference is currently ongoing until tomorrow. He isn't listed as a scheduled speaker, but we might be in for a surprise.

It's also possible there's a more innocuous explanation: It could be that Rubin just hasn't checked Twitter since last year and this is just a much delayed, generic tease. His last tweet was back in October, after all.

We'll just have to wait and see.