Google purchased Nest a long time ago in 2014. For quite a while, the company remained relatively autonomous and independent under the Alphabet umbrella, but recently, Google has folded Nest and its product right into its hardware division. Most notably, the Home Hub is now called Nest Hub, and Nest devices are losing their ability to connect to IFTTT, all in the name of security. However, with Nest accounts being migrated to Google accounts at the moment, users are experiencing inconveniences – some people report they haven't been able to connect their Secure and Nest IQ cams with the Assistant for weeks.

On May 31, a customer shared his experience in a Nest community thread. After purchasing and setting up his Secure cam, he tried to enable the Assistant, only to receive an error message. Another community member chimed in, describing the same issues. This one even contacted the support team, who said that the company's engineers were aware of the problem. And sure enough, a Nest employee joined the discussion and said that the firm was indeed working on a fix – which was at the beginning of June.

Since then, the same bunch of customers has become increasingly irritated by the slow resolution, since the native Assistant integration informed their decision to go with Nest in the first place. All troubleshooting on their part was to no avail. However, so far, the problem mainly seems to arise for customers setting up their new or additional devices, which admittedly makes for a bad onboarding experience, but shouldn't affect existing setups.

So, if you're experiencing similar issues, the only thing we can say right now is: hang in there, Google is working on a fix.

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