So, you need a bunch of blocks with USB ports, microSD card slots, and all the adaptability you might need in your digital world, but you're into electronic accessories that are made with aluminum? Luckily for us, those two desires are not mutually exclusive as we've found manufacturer Satechi to satisfy both in good fashion. And with Father's Day coming up in the United States, it's a good time to check out its big sale on Amazon — some nice discounts are available this week on expansion port adapters for your computer as well as a nice looking Qi wireless charger.

Satechi makes a good number of accessories, a lot of them clad in aluminum (or, at the very least, advertised primarily as an aluminum product), and sells them on the online marketplace. We most recently took a look at the company's 75W dual USB-C charging hub and found it to be a nice workhorse if you've got a few devices to charge in a rush at the same time. That product wasn't made of aluminum and is not on sale this week, but we've got eight products on that are.

A couple of them being multimedia adapters for your MacBook, 2-in-1 tablet, or whatever computer you need to add more ports to — well, any computer as long as they're able to link up via USB-C. One of them has a 4K-capable HDMI port, three full USB ports, a Type-C port compatible with Power Delivery and capable of up to 49W passthrough, gigabit Ethernet, along with microSD and SD slots. It's on sale for $64, some $16 off. The other has all that and a Mini DisplayPort and is $20 off to $80.

Want a wireless charging pad? Satechi has a 10W Qi pad that also has an extra USB-C Power Delivery-compliant port for $35, $10 off this week.

We'll round up the rest of the deals in a list:

  • USB Hub [3 x USB, microSD, SD] - $28 ($7 off)
  • USB-C Wall Charger - $24 ($6 off)
  • Apple Watch Charging Stand [Pink] - $12 ($3 off)
  • Apple Watch Charging Stand [other colors] - $20 ($5 off)
  • Bluetooth Headphones [Silver] - $32 ($8 off)
  • Bluetooth Headphones [other colors] - $55 ($15 off)
  • Calculator - $28 ($7 off)

Again, these discounts are supposedly primed for Father's Day this Sunday, June 16. Amazon Prime customers can get free one-day shipping.