Another new week, another new list of deals. Today we've got a very nice price on the newest Kindle Paperwhite, plus all manner of charging accessories. Read on and grab yourself some cheap tech.

Kindle Paperwhite: $100 ($30 off)

  • Kindle Paperwhite — $99.99, $30 off (Amazon)

Surely you know all about Amazon's Kindles by now; they're probably the most famous eReaders. The newest Paperwhite is a particularly compelling product, with eight gigs of storage (bear in mind eBooks are tiny files) and water resistance. It's normally $129.99, but it's $30 off right now for a total of $99.99. The only downside is that it has a microUSB port.

Anker PowerCore Lite 20000: $37 ($13 off)

  • Anker PowerCore Lite 20000 mAh power bank — $36.99, $13 off (Amazon)

Got a couple things that need charging? Want to do so away from a wall outlet? You're gonna need a battery, and it might as well be Anker's PowerCore Lite 20000. It's got two USB-A ports — no USB-C output — but it's got a pretty generous capacity and USB-C input. It usually runs 50 bucks, but the black model is currently $36.99.

Choetech wireless car charger: $17 ($12 off)

  • Choetech Qi wireless car charger — $16.99 with coupons, $12 off (Amazon)

We ran a deal on this cool charger from Choetech a couple weeks back, but it's even less expensive now than it was then. It can hold up your phone and wirelessly charge it at up to 10 watts in the car if you clip the on-page coupon and enter code HRLT7DRT at checkout.

Anker 15W USB-C charger: $11 ($4 off)

  • Anker 15W foldable USB-C charger  — $10.99 with coupon, $4 off (Amazon)

But let's say you'd like to charge something at home! You can pick up this little Anker charger for just $11 on Amazon, $4 off its normal price tag. It's small enough to take with you, but at 15 watts, it's also probably better than the one that came with your phone if you're looking for a new charger for by your bed.

Aukey dual-port USB charger: $16 ($4 off)

  • Aukey dual-port USB charger – $15.99 with coupon, $4 off (Amazon)

Here's a similar number from Aukey. Like the Anker charger, it's also got a 15-watt USB-C port, plus a Quick Charge 3 USB-A port. That extra port is gonna cost you a few more bucks, though: the charger is $15.99 with coupon code E7I3QVCX.