In what could be the first credible leak of Google's upcoming smartphones, the Pixel 4 and 4 XL, some key details about the phones have been revealed. First and foremost, it seems Google has finally decided to cave to a multi-camera system on its 2019 flagship, with a positively huge hump cut out of the back of the phone to make room for the array. As has been pointed out by many, said hump looks a whole lot like the one from alleged renders of the next iPhone.

Also immediately noticeable: the distinct lack of anything resembling a rear fingerprint scanner. This almost certainly means that the Pixel 4 will either move to an in-display fingerprint system, iPhone-style Face ID biometrics, or some combination of the two. Given the growing number of references to 'face authentication' in the most recent Android Q Beta, my hope is that Google will provide the first secure face unlock system to be integrated for things like Google Pay. But this remains speculation - we have no direct evidence to suggest the Pixel 4 will feature a Face ID system, though the circumstantial evidence grows stronger by the month.

It also appears we will finally be losing the trademark stereo front-facing facing speakers, if these renders are to be believed: while there is an upper earpiece speaker, the renders clearly show a speaker along the bottom portion of the phone's frame. Likely, this is a space-saving move meant to increase the display-to-surface-area ratio, a measure of increasing importance in modern smartphone design.

The rear of the phone itself also appears very glossy, meaning Google will be sticking with its decision to use a glass back on its phones (though I suppose there is a small, small chance it could be ceramic). Given the company decided to embrace wireless charging with the Pixel 3 and 3 XL last year, this isn't surprising - the only other option for a material compatible with wireless power would be plastic, and I deem it supremely unlikely Google would go that route with its premium smartphones.

The post on PriceBaba—which published the OnLeaks renders we're looking at—does vaguely suggest we're seeing the smaller Pixel 4, not the 4 XL, though I think that's because they're not sure if it's the standard 4 or 4 XL. As for the credibility of the renders themselves, I'm inclined to give OnLeaks a high level of confidence given his track record. Barring an attempt by Google or some other party to deliberately mislead him with false data, I would believe these images very accurately represent the basic look and feel of Google's next smartphone.

And no, there's no headphone jack. At least it still has a USB port.