Wi-Fi Protected Setup authentication, or WPS for short, disappeared from Android 9 Pie in an intentional move by Google due to security concerns, although it then promised that the feature would return in a future Android release, although perhaps in a slightly different form. Instead, Android Q supports a similar technology called Wi-Fi Easy Connect.

WPS allowed you to log onto a Wi-Fi network with a PIN or button-press but it was regarded to be inherently insecure, and thus Google dropped it in Android 9 Pie. The Wi-Fi Alliance has since unveiled another method for efficiently connecting to a network called Easy Connect and it's going to be an incredibly useful feature on Android. We already covered this when QR code Wi-Fi sharing was spotted in the first Android Q Beta, although at that point we didn't know this was in conjunction with the Wi-Fi Alliance and its new standard.

Our friends over at XDA Developers have discovered a section on Easy Connect in the latest Android Beta documentation which outlines how developers can integrate it into their app setup. As well as QR codes, Bluetooth LE and NFC can be used to securely retrieve the credentials without location or Wi-Fi permissions needing to be granted. According to the Wi-FI Alliance page on the subject, Easy Connect uses public key cryptography for security and supports WPA2 and WPA3 networks. If you're on the Android Q Beta, you can give it a try now. If not, it'll be available publicly once Android Q is officially announced out in the fall.