Among the more important news of the last week was the reveal that the Google Trips had developed an expiration date, with it set to shuffle off its Android coil this August 5th. If you aren't familiar with Google Trips, the app debuted back in 2016, and it used some of the same data scraping, trip bundling tools shared with the now-defunct Inbox to organize travel details together, conveniently categorizing reservations and itineraries for offline use, all while providing handy activity recommendations to fill your empty vacation schedule. Now that the app is going the way of the dodo, we're curious to know how many of our readers that might affect.

Android Police's Rita El Khoury will happily wax about Google Trips to anyone willing to listen, having used it to snag sizable discounts off whole chunks of her vacation plans. While most of her love is directed to the soon-to-expire app, Google has also brought some of Trips' functionality over to the web, though it isn't quite the same experience.

Although I made a point to use Google Trips back in 2016, I haven't touched it much in the last couple of years. Rita is proof that Google Trips still has fans, though, and I'm curious to know how many of our readers are.

(If it isn't clear from both the title and the question below, this poll applies to the Google Trips app, and if you don't have your own subjective bar to clear when it comes to "use," just consider if you have opened the app to plan or view the details of a trip within the last year.)

Do you use Google Trips app?

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