Some people see smartwatches as gadgets and prefer to wear an old-fashioned style timepiece. Hybrid watches offer a good compromise between looking traditional with just the right amount of technology in them to keep track of your activity and wellbeing. The Withings Nokia Steel does that perfectly, as it looks just like a regular wristwatch, but has an extra dial to indicate how much of your daily fitness goals you've achieved.

All of the product's tech is well concealed, and the data it collects is fed directly to your smartphone over Bluetooth low energy. The whole point of the device is for you to use it just like a traditional watch: You won't have to charge it as its battery can last up to eight months, and there's no need to press a button for it to start tracking your activity, as it does so automatically. It can detect whether you're walking, running, sleeping, or even swimming. As you might have guessed, the steel is waterproof and can be worn to track your laps, as long as you're not diving more than 50m deep. If you wear it in bed, it will analyze your sleep and wake you up with a gentle vibration at the most appropriate time. Lastly, as it's connected to your phone, it can automatically adjust itself to the local timezone when you travel, so you won't even have to bother with that.

The Steel's MSRP is usually $130 in the US, but Amazon is currently selling the Black/Silver version for just $63.43, which is half the initial price. Unfortunately, other colors aren't as inexpensive, but I personally think this is the classiest one. If you wanted a fitness tracker but couldn't decide which one to go for, the Steel is definitely a steal, as it's the one with the best value for money.