Google is constantly redesigning its apps, updating icons, and replacing grey spaces with white. Thus, there's always something new to check out, and that's the case for the company's Crowdsource app, which gives users the chance to help Google improve its products. It only recently got a visual overhaul in February to match the revision of Material Design, and Google continued to work on it. An update to version 1.2 is now hitting the Play Store that gives the application a new icon and improves its interface.

First things first, the new icon. It now fits Google's other multicolored app symbols, like Podcasts, Assistant, and Home, and switches its blue background for – you guessed it – white space. Also, it becomes much harder to understand what it stands for. The old icon depicted two people waving at each other, while the new image looks like it's showing a person with extra long arms (and reminds me of Starbuck's logo).

When you first launch the app after the update to version 1.2, you'll see a new splash screen that's essentially a picture-perfect copy of the Play Store's changelog. Still, many users barely check out the details of an update on the Store, so it's nice to see the changes right when you launch the app.

Then, after clicking "Got it," you'll see the revised home screen. While the available sections haven't changed, they've all received custom icons – before, the app used the standard figures that we see across Android. The new symbols make it easier to quickly parse which section you're entering, but the buttons have also shrunk, so a lot of unnecessary white space has come to the screen.

Left: Previous version. Right: Latest version.

These icon refreshes continue throughout the app. When you head to the Achievements section, you'll see that the visual design looks considerably more friendly than the uniformly green design did before, although the app is losing even more colors through this shift. The same is true for achievements messages. They've lost their green color and look much more realistic and friendly now.

Left: Previous version. Right: Current version.

Along with these visual changes, the update makes it easier to complete tasks. You can now go to previous questions to change your answers, and you should be able to pinch to zoom in the landmarks task, although I couldn't replicate the latter in testing.

Left: Previous version. Right: Current version.

For once, this update doesn't appear to be server-side but seems to be baked right into the latest APK. You can either wait until it hits your device through the Play Store, or you can grab the new version from APK Mirror. Although you might want to think twice and check whether you're okay with working for a multi-billion-dollar company without receiving any compensation, because that's what the app boils down to.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
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  • Nick Cipriani