Google Assistant keeps learning new languages and can even speak them with the local accent. Indeed, it can differentiate between Canadian, Belgian and, French variants of the same tongue, and also pronounce words in the Queen's English. However, it seems some devices are rebelling by speaking in opposite accents, as users have reported their Google Homes have switched to US or UK English.

People in the UK and the US have reported Assistant on their smart speakers, phones, and Pixel Buds has switched accents, without any apparent reason. It's unclear what is causing the issue, but it appears to only affect a limited number of users. Many of them have tried switching their language back and forth without succeeding in solving the problem. Also, people reported the glitch is breaking their routines, which apparently don't work anymore.

We've tried replicating the issue, but our staff's devices have kept their proper accents — US for Rita, Manuel, and me, and UK for Scott. We'll keep you updated as we learn more about this issue, what's causing it, and how to fix it.

Our readers have reported their Assistant also changed their accent from Australian and Indian English to another. In addition, the issue doesn't seem to be specific to English, as tipsters told us their devices switched to the wrong Spanish and Portuguese pronunciation, bouncing from the South American accents to the European ones. We still haven't heard from Google regarding this issue, but we'll let you know when we do.

Two of our tipsters having the issue have reported this is now fixed for them. We're not sure whether this resolution has rolled out to all impact users, or if our readers were part of the lucky few. Let us know if you're still facing the problem, or if it's been solved for you as well.

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