Yesterday, we got our first look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. The design is certainly different from previous models, with an edge-to-edge screen and an in-screen fingerprint sensor. We already knew there would be a Pro model, but now the first images of that variant have appeared, courtesy of @OnLeaks.

The Note 10 Pro appears to be nearly identical to the regular Note 10, except that it has four rear cameras instead of three (though one of them is likely just a time-of-flight sensor, not a true camera), and the screen is 6.75 inches across instead of 6.28 inches. All the other design elements are the same there's no headphone jack, the camera (and presumably, the fingerprint sensor) is inside the display, and the display has curved edges.

Just when you think phones can't get much bigger, devices like the OnePlus 7 Pro and Note 10 Pro are pushing the boundary even further. The Note 10 Pro is just 0.27 inches away from the size of the Nexus 7's display.