ASUS has never been a very popular smartphone manufacturer, but lately, the company is killing it, surprising us by updating many of its older devices to Android Pie. Then, the ZenFone 6 marked a new start and is the firm's first device to come with high-quality hardware at a fair price, stock-like Android, and a promise of timely updates. ASUS is already keeping up well and has pushed out the latest release on Thursday, which is the fourth before the device's official launch.

All four updates bring in a ton of important fixes. A lot of them revolve around the phone's unusual camera solution, which can flip 180 degrees to the front. They improve the rotation stability, add an option to control the module's rotation, and enable night mode for selfies. The phone's additional hardware button can now also be used to trigger the shutter. HDR performance and image processing speed have received improvements, too. It's great to see ASUS putting a lot of work into the camera, as that's an area where the company has always shined.

Other updates tweak the system's stability and auto brightness, and bring VoLTE and VoWiFi to more carriers. Unfortunately, the company has also opted to enhance benchmark performance, but at least it's upfront about it, in contrast to others.

Considering the ZenFone 6's price point and the updates coming in back-to-back, it's pretty clear that ASUS is going after OnePlus. While the latter's 7 Pro is already released, the company is pushing out fixes over fixes to solve users' problems with it. It's great to see this competition, and we can only hope that updates become more important to other manufacturers by ASUS's and OnePlus's example.