If you work out a lot like I do, you know how important it is to have the right headphones during your session. I've learned that the hard way: Five years ago when I started lifting, I would use the cheap earphones that came with my handset, but I quickly gave up because the wires would get caught in different things or an earpiece would fail in the middle of a workout. They eventually drowned in my sweat and died, so I decided to get a pair of wireless earphones especially designed for athletes that cost me about $180 back then. Thanks to this markdown on the Plantronics BackBeat Fit 2100, you can grab a similar product designed specially for active people for a lot less.

Thanks to their IP57 rating, these headphones have built-in protection against sweat, water spills, and rain and can withstand your most intensive workouts. They're also designed with comfort in mind, thanks to their soft neckband and well-fitted eartips that will keep them steady while you train. In addition, a dedicated shortcut key lets you set customized actions such as starting a timer or launching your favorite playlist without having to touch your phone. Lastly, the BackBeat Fit 2100's battery lasts up to seven hours, which is plenty of time for you to work out with these earbuds on.

As for the drawbacks, it's a matter of preference, but ever since I switched to true-wireless buds, I wouldn't go back to a model that has a neckband, no matter how soft and flexible it is. That being said, our very own Rita actually preferred this model to Plantronics' Bit 3100 fully cordless model, which would occasionally lose the connection between the two earpieces. Also, while the brand is focusing on safety and marketing their reflective finishes and Always Aware feature, I'm really not a fan of buds that let ambient noise pass through, especially if I'm in a loud and crowded gym. In any case, I strongly recommend you read our product review to learn more about these headphones before you make your purchase.

The Plantronics BackBeat Fit 2100 are now selling for $59.75 on Amazon, down from their previous $69.99 price. Considering they're a good product and were initially worth $100, you're looking at a pretty sweet deal here. Unfortunately, only the black version is this inexpensive; the grey and lava versions are $67 and $86, respectively, which I think is a bit too steep considering there are many other options available on the market.