We're eagerly awaiting the latest installment of Samsung's Galaxy Note series, and the rumor mill is already spinning fast. We've heard that Samsung plans to release four Galaxy Note 10 models with both 4G and 5G options, and a source familiar with the matter already whispered to us that the latest model is likely coming without a headphone jack and physical buttons. Now, the first CAD-based renders of the device have been published through OnLeaks, and sadly, there's indeed no headphone jack in sight – the buttons, on the other hand, look alive and well, so make of that what you will.

The first thing that catches the eye is the punch-hole front camera that's sitting right in the top middle of the display, contrary to the S10 series. The device also looks considerably more square and industrial with its uniformly black sides and back. Speaking of which, the phone has three cameras on the rear, putting it on par with the latest offers from the competition – in fact, it looks darn similar to the Huawei P30 Pro. Since there's no fingerprint reader here, it's safe to assume Samsung put the tech under the display. The screen also appears to be curved even further on the sides than its predecessor, although that's hard to tell. What we can say is that bezels are mostly eliminated by now – only tiny, evenly sized bezels remain on the top and bottom.

The fingerprint reader and the headphone jack aren't the only hardware making an exit – the infamous Bixby button is nowhere to be seen. We can assume that the manufacturer assessed that it wasn't used by many people, so it removed it altogether – whether it's going to be replaced by something like Pixel's active-edge squeeze gesture remains to be seen, especially considering the rumors of the device going completely button-less.

If the Galaxy Note 9 is any indication, we can assume that we'll see the official unveil in August this year – but since OnLeaks has a good reputation as a leaker, I wouldn't be surprised if these renders turn out to accurately depict the final design.