Google has been a consistent fan of server-side updates for many years now, and that doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon. Within the past week, the company rolled out a new interface for the Play Store, took it away, and now reintroduced it. There's a new app update that enables the Material theme, and we've got the APK for it.

As we already knew, the main additions to the new theme are the four buttons in the navigation bar and the sheer amount of whiteness. Many of you seem dissatisfied with all of the white in the interface now, though this could pave the way for a forthcoming dark theme. For now, though, you'll all have to live with the blindingly bright UI.

To get the new UI, simply install the Play Store v15.2.38 APK from APK Mirror. Some might say that a device restart is necessary to see the new interface, but a simple force close and relaunch of the Play Store will do the trick.

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