Google News is a good news aggregator, and it just got a little bit better. Version 5.12 brings a number of small tweaks, including a "full coverage" button, relocation of some shortcuts, and an article indicator. There's nothing major to speak of, but refinement is always nice to see.

Left: Old. Right: New.

For the most part, News v5.12 essentially just moves things around. The "full coverage" button is wider and now on the bottom, and the back button and three-dot menu have also been relocated downwards. Additionally, the share function has been pulled out of the three-dot menu and given its own space beside it.

Swipe up on the bottom bar, and the three-dot menu's contents ("Save for later," "View original web page," and "Go to xxx") will be blown up into full-sized options. The only legitimate feature addition is the article counter on the top, which lets you keep track of how many similar articles you've scrolled through.

Overall, these changes are minor but welcome. If you don't yet have them on your device, feel free to grab the Google News v5.12 APK from APK Mirror.