Google has been working with developers to gradually kill Chrome apps to replace them with Progressive Web Apps, which are easier to build and work across platforms. It's only natural for the company to do the same with its own software, as it is now encouraging users to switch to Chrome Remote Desktop's web app.

The service has actually been available since 2017 as a beta test, but it's now exiting this phase to replace the aging Chrome app. Chrome Remote Desktop can now be accessed directly from a webpage, which lets you remotely control another device, receive support on your computer, or help out a distant person. Although everything is managed from your browser, you still need to download an extension locally to get help and grant access to your machine, which only works with Chrome. However, if you're the one providing support, you won't need to install anything and can directly interact with the other computer straight from your browser.

In additional to being convenient, the web version brings some improvements, including better support for multiple displays, and file transfers are also coming soon. Google will end support for the Chrome app on June 30 and has already started telling users to switch to the browser-based one instead. Don't worry, though, the mobile applications are still available and won't be turned into web apps anytime soon!

Chrome Remote Desktop
Chrome Remote Desktop
Developer: Google LLC
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