Anyone familiar with Sonos products will know how rarely discounted they are, so any reduction in price is a welcome sight. Amazon is currently offering the first-generation Sonos One speaker for $149.99, $19 less than Sonos' current price of $169 and $49 less than the old MSRP before the new model debuted.

What makes Sonos so beloved by many is the combination of great sound quality and the ecosystem. Sonos speakers can be connected via Wi-Fi with other Sonos products to simultaneously play music throughout the house. The One can also act as an Echo, as it has Alexa built in. This is the last-gen model, but it'll still perform just fine.

Only Amazon appears to be offering this price at the moment. Both the black and white colors were discounted to this all-time low of $149.99, but the black version went out of stock while I was writing. The white color probably isn't far behind, so jump on it while you can.