Changes are afoot with Digital Wellbeing. In the past few weeks, we've seen Google confirm that the service doesn't affect the performance of Pixel devices, but more importantly, we've also spotted a new day selector for Wind Down mode and a pause button integrated in the launcher's app shortcuts and Recents. It's this latter aspect that has been improved further in Android Q Beta 4. Now, the app switcher will tell you when an app you've been using is about to be paused by Digital Wellbeing.

The blue banner shows up when you've set a daily timer for an app and you're getting close to that limit. This serves as a reminder of how much time you have left before the app is disabled and greyed out, so you can better manage your usage over the upcoming hours. You can always disable timers, sure, but the system is just doing its best to nudge you in the correct direction and help you maintain your resolve not to use some apps more than necessary.

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  • Alex Hatzenbuhler