At Google I/O this year, Google finally announced a dark mode for Android. We've been expecting this ever since the first Q build leaked, but the settings app has always suggested that there could be more than only a white and dark mode. Up until Beta 3, there was a complete theme selector where more options apart from "Dark" and "Light" could've shown up. However, the recently released Beta 4 does away with this interface and instead switches to a simple toggle for Dark Theme.

Left and Middle: Android Q Beta 3. Right: Android Q Beta 4.

It's good to see Google condensing and simplifying settings, as having a theme selector for just two options is overkill. On the other hand, any hopes for additional theming options are naught now. At least you can still change accent colors (which have doubled in Beta 4), fonts, and icon shapes in the developer options, although it would feel more appropriate if Google put these controls right along with the other Display settings.