Uber has long been expanding beyond its core business of ride-hailing services, and also offers peer-to-peer ridesharing, bicycle sharing, and food delivery today. While bike sharing is integrated into the company's main app, that's not the case for food delivery, which has its separate app. However, the business wants to place the latter service more prominently and is working on adding it to its main product.

For some select users, the Uber app has received a new button on the top right that says "Uber Eats," and takes them right into a web view of the service. From there, they can order food without ever leaving the ride-hailing app. This will presumably be available for both Android and iOS.

TechCrunch reports that Uber is quietly testing the integration since April, but that it still wants to keep the standalone app going forward. The company does this to further differentiate itself from competitors like Lyft who offer nothing but ride-hailing in their apps, and also to seize the opportunity to get more of its Uber users onboard with food orders. This should increase the number of monthly active platform customers on both services – which would most certainly please shareholders and investors.

It makes sense that the company is looking to expand its already active customer base to more products. It's the tired and true strategy that's working great for Google, Apple, Microsoft, and others, and probably part of the reason why they became so big. Uber is looking to grow as well, so the firm needs to pull all levers to expand and diversify.

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