It's becoming increasingly difficult nowadays to find good Android utilities that don't want something in return. Either the app is full of ads, either it requires many dubious permissions, or it could have hidden costs as IAPs that you didn't anticipate when you first downloaded it. So it's refreshing to see a developer eschew all of that by building open source utilities, without ads or IAPs, and that only ask for necessary permissions (and avoid any online connectivity). That's the ethos behind Simple Mobile Tools, and on its third birthday today, you can grab all six of its paid apps for free.

The six apps used to cost $1 each, so you're not saving a fortune by getting them gratis, but this is a good opportunity to grab these tools and see if you like what the dev is doing. Here are the links:

As the names clearly suggest, there's a gallery, file manager, calendar, contacts manager, notes app, and hand-drawing notes app. All of them are very well rated and also offer a clean functional interface along with all the perks I mentioned at the top of the post. To be honest, I've never used any of them before and I'm just now downloading them. However, I've read lots of good things about Simple Gallery Pro in our comments section each time we covered the mess that QuickPic has become, so I have high hopes for these tools.

The sale is only valid for 14 more hours, at the time of writing, so hurry up if you want to get the six apps for free.