In keeping with the previously projected timeline, Android Q Beta 4 officially lands today. While we dig into this latest version looking for new additions or features (we've already spotted a wider gesture pill in one of the blog post's GIFs), a few details are known: Beta 4 finalizes the Android Q APIs for developers, giving them a firm platform to begin testing their app's compatibility; the SDK for Q (API level 29) is now official; and apps targeting Q can now be published to the Play Store.

Note the wider "fully gestural" pill at the bottom. (Update: Google's GIF is a lie.)

Developers can download the official API level 29 in Android Studio now, and Google has put together some documentation that can help them test compatibility with new requirements, including a privacy checklist and behavior changelist (plus one for apps targeting Q). The new iOS-style gesture navigation system will also require that developers provide new accommodation for edge gestures previously used by apps.

For more details on what Android Q brings to the table, developers and enthusiasts alike can peruse our rolling list of features. Developers can also take a look at the full blog post for more specific technical changes and guidelines as they update their apps to Android Q, and submit feedback for any issues they run into.

New images for manual flashing should be available here soon, and you can enroll Pixel devices in the Beta Program in anticipation of Beta 4 landing now.

Known issues for Beta 4 include broken metadata on videos in Google Photos, picture-in-picture mode potentially breaking for YouTube when gestures are enabled, and the expected potential incompatibility with finance and banking apps. These are still betas, though, so there can be (and probably are) more bugs waiting to be discovered.

Reports indicate the update is now rolling out to those in the Beta Program, and we can confirm receiving it on at least one device (Pixel 3 XL):

The Pixel 3a is also showing as eligible for the Beta Program again:

Those of you frantically tapping "Check for update" should have something to see soon, if you don't already. Meanwhile, your intrepid Android Police staff is preparing to dive into these latest builds looking for fresh features and changes.

Wish us luck.