It's Android Q Beta update day and in our fourth installment, we're looking at where the notifications go to die. Kinda grim, but it's been a point of annoyance since Beta 2, when Google established that notifications can only be dismissed when swiped one way and snoozed or managed upon when swiped the other. The good news here is that this paradigm has gone away for this update.

Even though there's still a toggle for Swipe Actions in the advanced section of Android's notification settings, this appears to have been made vestigial with the latest change. Users will be able to slide off and dismiss notification in either direction they desire. If they want to snooze or control the notification's settings, they can slide and hold, then select the appropriate icon.

Google may have finally realized from the feedback it has received that when people want a notification out of sight, they don't really care which way the wind blows. Let's hope it stays that way for the final release.

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