We got our first taste of Google's revamped gesture navigation in Android Q Beta 3, but something was missing. The rotation lock button we loved so much in Android Pie was nowhere to be found. In the new Beta 4 release, Google has added a new rotation button in gesture mode. Although, it looks a bit messy right now.

The new gesture navigation in Q is very iPhone-y, but that's probably best when you're committed to gestures. Getting rid of that giant black bar at the bottom of the screen is a win, but then there's nowhere for the screen rotation button. This button appears when you have auto-rotate disabled, allowing you to manually rotate the screen when you flip the phone between portrait and landscape. The new button works the same way, but it appears in a different spot.

In Beta 4, Google has added a small floating button overlapping the navigation area (see above). In apps with proper support for gesture nav, you should be able to see the full button. Currently, it's often cut off by the smaller black bar. It still works fine, though. You can tap to manually rotate your screen while auto-rotate is off. It's nice to see this feature won't be left in the dust as Google implements the new gestures.