T-Mobile just announced revamped plans last month, and now it has new international data passes to go with them. The old day pass option still exists, but now you can give T-Mobile more money for more data, and those bytes won't expire as quickly.

Starting tomorrow, there will be three international data pass options on T-Mobile.

  • International Pass (512MB): $5, 1 day
  • 5GB International Pass: $35, 10 days
  • 15GB International Pass: $50, 30 days

The 512MB pass was the only LTE data pass available until now. The other two are new and a better deal if you're going to be out of the country for more than a couple days and plan to use a lot of data. All these plans include unthrottled LTE, unlimited SMS, and calls for $0.25 per minute. Without a data pass, your overseas data is capped at 128-256Kbps depending on your plan.