It's been almost a year and a half since Spotify Stations, then known as "Stations by Spotify," launched for the Australian market. We were able to get a taste of the app, but it was region-locked shortly after. Now that Spotify Stations has finally landed stateside, it's interesting to see just how much the playlist-centric app has changed.

Left: Old. Right: New.

When it first launched, Stations was unique in that searching for specific songs/artists and skipping songs was not permitted. Most of that has gone out the window; you still can't search for songs, but you can select artists, and Premium users can now skip songs. The heart button for playback has been replaced with a thumbs-up and a thumbs-down; pressing the former will tell Spotify that you'd like more songs like this one, while the latter will ensure the opposite.

The simple UI has been retained, but there's no longer a default list of stations; you're given two or three to start with based on artists you commonly listen to, and you're supposed to add more with the "Add Station" button on the top left.

Stations can be created via two classifications: artists and genres/moods. You can pick one or multiple artists per station, but only one genre if you choose to sort that way. Your new station(s) will appear in the main screen.

Spotify Stations is definitely worth checking out if you find yourself listening to the same songs over and over again. It's available now in the Play Store for those of you in the US. You can download it via the source link or via the widget below.