Square Enix recently announced a new Dragon Quest game for mobile that's being developed by colopl. It's called Dragon Quest Walk, and it's an augmented reality title that clearly apes the gameplay of Pokémon GO. A closed beta will take place on the 11th of June for Android and iOS users that live in Japan, and it's still unknown if the title will ever make its way to the West.

Above you'll find a trailer that displays Dragon Quest imagery as though it exists in the real world, which plays into the theme of this upcoming augmented reality title. If you're looking for deeper dive into what this game will offer, you'll probably want to check out the hour-long announcement video I've linked below.

As you can see in the announcement video, the gameplay of Dragon Quest Walk largely resembles that of Pokémon GO, what with the way you have to navigate a real-world map. The official Dragon Quest Walk website goes into further details, and thankfully they have been translated by Gematsu. Apparently the game's story develops as you walk, and quests will occur at landmarks on the map. You'll also have the option to build an in-game room that can be decorated with the items you find on your adventures.

The details surrounding Dragon Quest Walk are still few and far between, but at the very least we've gotten a glimpse of the gameplay. There's no doubt that the title is inspired by Pokémon GO, though I have to wonder how much more room there is in the mobile gaming market for such a blatant clone. We've already seen many franchises release their own takes on the genre, and just about all of them are forgettable, so here's hoping Square Enix still has a few tricks up its sleeve to differentiate itself from the crowd.