Back when OnePlus debuted with its disruptive new OnePlus One phone in 2014, touchscreen issues were chief among complaints, and for some, the latest 7 Pro may be a bit of a throwback. As of now, there are a good number of reports together with example videos that demonstrate the OnePlus 7 Pro's touchscreen is randomly processing non-existent taps, an effect which has been alternately called "ghost" or "phantom" touches.

We aren't sure what causes the issue, though some have had luck triggering it reliably with CPU-Z, a hardware information/identification app. For those that are affected, just sitting in the app is enough to trigger the random touches. It's anecdotal, but my own device was unaffected in this test, though at least one other among the staff was.

Video of the behavior filmed by XDA's Daniel Marchena.

In our case here at AP, the affected device has also exhibited the same behavior less consistently in other apps. For example:

A thread regarding the subject over on the OnePlus forums has accrued 74 mixed reports at the time of writing, further corroborating that not all phones seem to be affected. A bug report on OnePlus' forums confirms that the company is aware of the issue and looking into it. In the same statement, the staff member urges those experiencing the problem to report it via the OnePlus Community app or the feedback section of the forum. With more logs, they may be able to determine the source of the issue.

OnePlus has followed-up with us on this issue, and provided a statement about the problem:

We have received limited reports from users describing their encounter of the "phantom taps" experience. Our team has worked hard to identify these cases, and we will release a firmware update in the upcoming weeks.

It sounds as if the cause of the issue may have been identified, and a vague schedule on the order of "weeks" has been provided for an update which includes a fix.