OnePlus is still hard at work fixing the so-called "ghost" or "phantom" touch issue on the 7 Pro that a minority of units exhibit, but a new touchscreen problem seems to have cropped up in the meantime. For some, a portion of the top of the phone's screen (typically the top left or right corner) can become unresponsive during use, rejecting touch input.

This can be a particularly vexing problem since some apps use the top corners for UI elements like in-app navigation, menus, and content submission/send, making it difficult or impossible to use them correctly.

One of our own units here at Android Police seems to be affected, and XDA's Max Weinbach posted a video to Twitter that demonstrates the issue:

Michael Fisher (of MrMobile fame) noted that he had the same problem on an earlier review unit, and a handful of folks on a related Reddit thread have further chimed in with their own reports. At least one report claims the issue can be fixed (at least temporarily) with a restart, and we can verify that worked on our affected 7 Pro, though Weinbach claims his issue later recurred.

It isn't clear if this might be connected to the previous touchscreen issue, which is also known to affect the top of the display.

We reached out to OnePlus for comment on the issue, and were provided with the following statement: "OnePlus is aware of limited reports of this issue, and we will be issuing a software update to resolve it." No schedule was provided, but a fix for those affected should eventually come.