It didn't take long for Google to move from the free Project Stream demo late last year to the Stadia reveal in March. The company isn't even waiting for E3 to drop more details. Google says the first "Stadia Connect" is coming on June 6th, and you'll be able to watch on YouTube. That's when we'll learn about upcoming Stadia games and the service's pricing structure.

Google isn't the first to place a bet on game streaming technology, but it's definitely the largest company to do so. Stadia relies on powerful computing hardware in a Google data center to render games, and then it streams the video down to devices like computers, Chromebooks, and phones. You'll need a good internet connection for Stadia, but your device doesn't need high-end specs.

At Stadia Connect, Google promises to talk about the games you'll be able to play on the platform. We expect some of the catalog to be titles you can get on PC and consoles, but there will also be some exclusive games that use Stadia's custom features like Assistant integration and State Share. Google will also provide more specifics on the launch, which we expect later in 2019. Perhaps most importantly, Google plans to talk pricing. Will there be a subscription? Per-game purchases? A combination? All will be revealed on June 6th.