HMD's revived Nokia brand adopted the Android One program several years back, offering guaranteed updates on all its current phones. However, the company hasn't stopped supporting those early phones from before the update guarantee. The 2017 Nokia 3 has just gotten a long-awaited update to Android 9 Pie. This brings the total number of Pie-powered phones from Nokia to 19.

The Nokia 3 only launched in select markets (not in the US), but it was one of the first budget Android phones from the new Nokia. It ran a MediTek SoC, and it didn't have a fingerprint sensor, but it was only about €130. It launched with Android 7.0 Nougat and has since been updated to Oreo. Now, it's getting the Pie update.

Pie on the Nokia 3 won't come with any major surprises; even though it's not Android One, the build of Android is very clean and basic. You get Adaptive Battery, Android's two-button navigation, Digital Wellbeing, and so on. The OTA update should be rolling out widely, so peek at your notifications.