Smartphone graphics have improved quite a bit over the past decade, but they're still a far cry from what dedicated gaming machines are capable of. The idea of a phone with the horsepower of a home game console has always been an exciting prospect, and now Samsung is partnering up with hardware manufacturer AMD to (hopefully) make it happen.

For the unacquainted, AMD is a computer hardware company that primarily specializes in computer processors and graphics cards. The company just announced its second-generation 'Zen' CPU architecture earlier this month, and its Radeon RX line of graphics cards has been successful for years.

The details on AMD's partnership are limited, and the press release simply says "AMD will license custom graphics IP based on the recently announced, highly-scalable RDNA graphics architecture to Samsung for use in mobile devices, including smartphones, and other products." That could mean anything from phones with Radeon-based graphics (unlikely) to a "Powered by Radeon" sticker on the back of the Galaxy Note10 (likely).

I'd love to see the boundaries pushed on mobile graphics, so here's hoping Samsung and AMD can actually pull off something great.