Smartphone cameras can do a lot more than take basic photos, and panoramas are one of those so-basic-you-forget-it features, ubiquitous to almost every phone. Almost assuredly, the device in your pocket right now can stitch together the parts of a scene into a nice wide shot. And based on the panorama chops of a particular recent phone, we're curious when the last time you took one was.

ASUS' latest ZenFone 6 has a pretty snazzy flip-out camera, which serves double duty for both front- and rear-facing applications, but it has a really cool hidden feature. MKBHD showed it off best:

In case you don't have the data to watch the video above, the mechanism on the ZenFone 6 which flips the camera to the front can actually be slowed down to capture panorama photos, which is pretty snazzy.

We spent a bit of time admiring how ingenious feature is in the AP chatroom, and it got me thinking about how infrequently I take panorama photos in general. I do try to remember to snag a few while doing reviews, just in case there's anything unique or odd about the results, but based on a quick search of the terms "panorama" and "pano" in Google Photos, the last time I took one for personal enjoyment was in 2017.

Clearly, I don't take advantage of the feature too much, but I'm curious to know: When was the last time you did?

When was the last time you took a panorama photo on your phone?

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