It's been over a year since the Google Play Store added a handy — and selfless — feature where it would tell you which online streaming services had the movie or TV series you were looking for. Perhaps you didn't want to buy them on Play Movies and preferred to watch them on Netflix for which you already have a subscription, or perhaps you wanted to watch something but didn't know which services had it. That same feature began surfacing inside Google Search a few months ago, but seems to now be rolling out more widely and to many more countries.

Simply search for a movie or TV show's name, and look for the Watch movie or Watch show tab in the Google result card (which has this new UI we recently covered). You'll find a list of streaming services where the content is available. Sources include Play Movies, YouTube, Netflix, and some local services such as Hotstar in India for example. Services may also be different across countries — for example Hagop couldn't get Amazon Prime Video to show up for any search in France, even though Google already surfaces it in the US.

Left: Watch tab for movies. Middle: Also for TV series. Right: Visible in Overview tab too.

Tipsters across India, Germany, and France told us this tab is new for them, but it's likely been showing up for some users for a while especially in the US. I still don't see it in Lebanon, so it's possibly still rolling out or geo-limited.

The benefit of having this in search is that it could replace JustWatch for you and give you an immediate solution to stream something after simply searching for it.

  • Thanks:
  • Himanshu Singh,
  • Samarth Verma,
  • Ibrahim Al-Alali