A good party should be an open party. Namely, it should have a few open things: an open door, an open bar (or two), and an open jukebox. That last bit can get more awkward than one would like as people fumble around with a computer or figure out how to connect their phones to the Wi-Fi network. Well, Spotify is cooking up a new feature that will let other users take control of a host's playlist with a simple scan of a code or tap of a link.

The Social Listening feature is still being tested internally, but was spoiled on Twitter by Jane Manchun Wong, someone who's unaffiliated with Spotify. She posted a number of screenshots.

A new box should appear in the connected devices menu that allows a host to "connect with friends" either by having them scan a Spotify friend code — friends can find a "Scan Code" button in the same connected devices menu on their phones — or by sharing a URL to them. Friends' names will appear in the box as they connect. Anyone can choose to leave the group by tapping on the corresponding button.

At the moment, we don't have an idea of what kind of control those friends would have over what's playing over the host's device. Do friends add tracks to a queue or can they have them played immediately? Can they skip a track or go back? How about toggling shuffle and repeat statuses? Answers may come in short order, depending on whether Social Listening goes public.