Motorola has announced a new Moto Z phone, marking the fourth generation of devices with the same Mod connector. The new phone works with last year's 5G Mod on Verizon, but that's not the only new way to get 5G. Motorola also confirms that the Z2 Force will work with the 5G Mod soon.

The Z2 Force launched in 2017 running a Snapdragon 835, but it has the same Moto Mod connector as the latest Z-series phones. The phone was physically compatible with the 5G Mod last year because Z-series phones are all the same shape. However, the Mod only worked with the Z3 at the time.

The 5G Mod contains a battery, Snapdragon 855, an X50 5G modem, and multiple 5G antennas. So, it doesn't matter than the Z2 Force is ancient by smartphone standards because all the 5G components are inside the Mod. Motorola didn't provide a timeline for rolling out 5G support on the Z2 Force except to say that it will be later this summer.