Last year, Google began cracking down on third-party applications and services that could access Gmail. New restrictions were put in place to prevent unwanted behavior, and some applications were required to undergo security assessments. The response from most people has been largely positive, though there have been a few app casualties. As announced in a blog post, Google's next target for cracking down on bad third-party behavior appears to be Drive.

"Today we’re announcing plans to extend the same policy to Google Drive," the company said in a blog post, "which will give you more control over what data third-party apps can access in Drive. [...] We’ll limit apps that use Google Drive APIs from broadly accessing content or data in Drive. This means we’ll restrict third-party access to specific files and be verifying public apps that require broader access, such as backup services."

Google says these new policies will go into effect "early next year." Here's hoping IFTTT's Drive service manages to survive the privacy crackdown, as I use it fairly regularly.