Google wasn't joking when it said that many more devices will have the Android Q beta than those who were part of the Pie beta last year. 23 phones were involved when Q beta first launched, but we've since also added the new OnePlus 7 Pro and there's another addition today. Xiaomi Redmi isn't letting OnePlus stand alone in that new-device-beta spotlight, and has already released the Q beta build for its just-announced K20 Pro.

And by just-announced, we mean it only became official yesterday. Odds are very, very few people have a K20 Pro, but for those who do, there's an opportunity to test out the new Android Q software on it. The ROM is only available for Chinese users, and those interested will need to follow the steps here, which involve making a backup, then using the fastboot update method to flash the build. Some issues are known about this beta, such as settings crashing when you go to Apps & notifications, and the lack of multiple user support, so flash it at your own risk... if you already have the phone that is.

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