Last week, Samsung pushed out a software update (XXU1ASE5) to the Exynos versions of the Galaxy S10 series, delivering the latest security patches for May, plus a handful of camera improvements, including an improved night mode. One week later, Samsung has stopped distributing that update. According to SamMobile, it was pulled as a result of widespread bugs, which include issues with third-party apps and the entire phone freezing up.

Other issues included the fingerprint sensor not responding or unlocking the device, the device not locking when pressing the power button (although the screen would appear to turn off), and problems trying to restart an affected phone.

According to SamMobile, there were no long-lasting ways to mitigate or reduce the issues present in the update. Although restarting the phone would fix a freeze in the short term, it did not have an impact on the problems with third-party apps. Even a factory reset reportedly could not fix the issues. Affected third-party apps include the popular Nova Launcher homescreen replacement and Twitter.

Presumably, Samsung's engineers are hard at work fixing whatever issues were introduced in this latest update, though there's no firm schedule for an improved release that we know of. Those that have already installed the buggy version will just have to wait for an eventual fix.

Samsung was apparently able to fix the issue in short order. We've received tips that a new version (XXU1ASE6) is rolling out, and it may fix the problems which were previous reported.

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