Pokémon has been an international phenomenon ever since it populated the early Game Boys. By now, the franchise has become considerably more cross-platform, with Pokémon GO available on Android and iOS and Pokémon Let's Go on the Nintendo Switch. At a press conference on Tuesday, the company behind the games announced Pokémon Home, the missing link between its games: It allows trainers to bring over their favorite pocket monsters from one platform to another for the first time (well, wirelessly anyway).

There are still many unknowns about this service, but the gist is that it will allow you to play with the same powered-up Pokémon across GO, Let's Go, and Sword and Shield, the upcoming classic games for the Nintendo Switch. It even gives you access to your collection on Game Boys by connecting to Pokémon Bank which syncs your favorite monsters across different editions of the game. You'll also be able to trade with other trainers on the platform. What remains unclear is how Home will handle the different training mechanisms across GO, classic Game Boy editions, and Sword and Shield, but the company will probably find a way around that.

There is one caveat though: Pokémon Home will only be available in early 2020, so you'll have to hold out with your unsynchronized monsters for quite a while. Still, it's great to see the franchise finally acknowledging our nomadic device behavior today, and it's reminiscent of many other services that sync their data across many different platforms.