Huawei is in deep trouble ever since the US Department of Commerce has banned American companies from doing business with it. The implications are reaching far broader than being cut off from Android – issues include WiFi and Bluetooth certification, ARM licenses for CPUs, and more. However, the Chinese conglomerate has repeatedly stated that it has a backup OS in place which is supposed to roll out in fall (though rumors have been very contradictory about it). Now, we also have a possible name thanks to the European Union Intellectual Property Office: "Ark OS."

Huawei has registered this brand with the EU itself and offices from member states (among them Germany), so it seems likely that this will be the name of its new operating system for smartphones. The term "ark" is fitting, as well – after all, the company needs an ark to survive its cut-off from Google's software package.

We need to keep in mind that it's not clear if Ark OS will really be Huawei's Android replacement. It might as well substitute Windows as a Linux fork for the company's laptop business, or might be one option out of many considered. However, since we haven't heard of plans for a desktop OS, it's highly likely that the name is meant for Huawei's mobile business. If so, we also have no idea if this would be an all-new OS, an Android fork à la Amazon's Fire OS, or an Android-compatible OS like Jolla.