You may not drive a car that's as up to date as your smartphone, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have any fun. Anker's Roav Bolt aims to bridge this gap by giving you a Google Home of sorts in the car — and it's on sale today for $40 at Best Buy and eBay (with Best Buy being the seller).

The Roav Bolt is both a dual-port car charger and a Bluetooth or wired companion to your smartphone. Once hooked up to your car and paired with your phone, you essentially get always-on voice functionality similar to a Google Home without having to keep your device unlocked at all times. The best part — it works with any car that supports Bluetooth or Aux cables, and will even work with iOS devices.

Corbin reviewed the Bolt last month and could see the value proposition Anker was trying to make — albeit with a somewhat buggy implementation. He tells me that after the review, he has found the retail unit to be markedly more reliable, especially since the last few software updates.

If Amazon's Alexa is your voice assistant of choice, the Roav Viva is also available for the same $40 on Amazon.