Any time a new phone is released, we wait with bated breath for JerryRigEverything to try to destroy it for our viewing pleasure. Google's new Pixel 3a was his latest victim — and despite its plastic build, the phone passed Zack's durability test with flying colors.

The 3a predictably flexed more than the all-glass Pixel 3 when pressure was applied, but it remained intact without any cracking. It does scratch more easily than the 3, though — also unsurprising, considering plastic is softer than glass. Still, the plastic is the same color all the way through, so minor scratches are relatively discreet.

Also of note: the Dragontrail glass Google opted to use on the 3a's face in lieu of the more standard Gorilla Glass is just as scratch-resistant, with grooves forming under Zack's level six pick, and deeper grooves caused by the level seven pick.

Taken with iFixit's high praise for the Pixel 3a's repairability, these results should mean the phone could feasibly last many years in the hands of anyone even nominally careful with their devices. Hopefully that hardiness extends to all of Google's future devices, not just the mid-range ones.