Connected bulbs are an essential part of a smart home infrastructure, but it's not always easy to know which one to buy. Some have to connect to a proprietary or Zigbee controller, which in turns communicates with your router. Although this tends — or rather, used to — make the bulbs cheaper, it means you have to stick to this particular architecture and to already own the hub. Otherwise, you can turn to Wi-Fi smart bulbs, which connect directly to your router and don't need any intermediary to do so. Although these could be more expensive than the previously mentioned bulbs, their price is now significantly more affordable than what it used to be. In fact, a current deal on the Eufy Lumos bulb lets you save 25% on the original MSRP, which means you'll only pay $12 instead of $16.

Like most intelligent lights, you can turn these bulbs on and off and just their brightness both with Assistant and Alexa, as well as their dedicated EufyHome app. In addition to standard features, the product can also be programmed to light up at predefined times. Lastly, its A19 shape is pretty compact, which means it'll be perfect to fit into your existing lamps and nightstands.