The integrity of the Samsung Galaxy Fold's design was shown to be questionable (at best) shortly after pre-release models reached the hands of the first round of reviewers. Debris made its way into their screens, causing several early hardware failures, and release was delayed from April 26 to an unspecified later date. AT&T made it seem like the new date would be mid-June, but a new report out of Korea contradicts that.

According to the report, quality control is taking longer than Samsung expected. An unnamed official with the company is quoted as saying the release date is still undecided, and that the company will make an announcement to that end in the next few weeks. The report also notes that with Huawei's ongoing difficulties caused by US sanctions, Samsung isn't as concerned about beating that company's foldable phone, the Mate X, to market.

Samsung's more information in a few weeks language in the report echoes what the company said a few weeks ago, so we don't really have any idea when the phone will be available, or even when we'll find out.