Marvel Super War is a newly-announced MOBA from NetEase and Marvel Entertainment that's coming to Android and iOS, and it just entered into its first closed beta. The title will feature everyone's favorite heroes and villains from the Marvel universe, and each character will offer a variety of powers that players will be able to utilize in combat.

Gameplay footage from Techzamazing

The gameplay video I've linked above should give people a good idea of what to anticipate from the closed beta of Marvel Super War. Players will get to control their favorite Marvel heroes and villains in a MOBA that suspiciously looks a lot like another NetEase title, Onmyoji Arena. Supposedly Marvel Super War will retain "fair combat and balanced gameplay" through an open and free buff system, which at least sounds promising, though the current user reviews for Onmyoji Arena don't really point to a developer that's focused on quality.

The closed beta test for Marvel Super War begins today in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and India, and it will operate from May 28th 12:00 to June 10th 23:59:59 (GMT+8). To run the game, you will have to be on Android 5.1 or later, and the device will have to contain at least a Snapdragon 410, Adreno 306, and two gigabytes of memory. Once the beta is over, servers and accounts will be wiped.

So far there isn't much information to go on past what's available on Facebook and the game's official website. Monetization details have not been provided, though it's probably safe to assume that the title will be free-to-play when globally released. Sadly we don't yet have a date for when the release will take place.

I suppose it isn't much of a surprise to see that Marvel Entertainment teamed up with NetEase to reskin one of the developer's more popular MOBAs, though it isn't any less of a letdown. Reskins are clearly the easiest way to guarantee success, which is understandable from a business standpoint, but as a consumer, I couldn't feel any less enthusiastic about Marvel Super War. The Play Store is already filled with low-quality cash grabs, and while one more from the likes of NetEase isn't the end of the world, it sure would have been nice to see something a little more original.

Press Release

GUANGZHOU, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--NetEase and Marvel Entertainment today revealed the first content to come from their collaboration, MARVEL Super War. This free-to-play MOBA mobile game has officially begun its closed beta test (data resets) for Android and iOS devices in Southeast Asia and India.

MARVEL Super War gathers Super Heroes and Super Villains from across the Marvel Universe into one colossal clash. From the Avengers and X-Men to the Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man, players can take some of their favorite characters straight into combat, using their awesome abilities to create epic moments on the battlefield.

Unlike traditional MOBAs on mobile, MARVEL Super War is focused on fair combat and balanced gameplay. The MOBA staple unfair rune-like system has been given an overhaul and replaced with a completely open and free buff system, meaning that reputation and achievements can only be earned through skill and perseverance.

Another of the game’s key pillars is its unique utilization of the Marvel characters’ wide variety of powers. Every Super Hero in MARVEL Super War has a series of abilities that can be smoothly turned into powerful combos, which adds depth and excitement to gameplay. Players can play as Deadpool and switch between melee and ranged states in order to deliver perfectly timed attacks, or dash and slash as Black Panther to deliver the finishing blow.

Teamwork is always the most important factor for victory. In MARVEL Super War, players can conquer the battle anytime, anywhere by choosing some of their favorite Super Hero and assembling others to create unique mashups! Whether it be partners like Vision and Scarlet Witch, the rich and powerful like Iron Man and Black Panther, or rivals like Cyclops and Magneto. They can all be teammates on the diverse battlefield of MARVEL Super War.

Ready to conquer your foes in the high-tech jungle kingdom of Wakanda? Team up with your friends and let the battles begin!

MARVEL Super War is now available on both Android and iOS devices for its closed beta test in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and India. Discover all-new secrets of the Marvel Universe! Assemble your dream team, fire off your combos, and command heroes from across the entire Marvel Universe!

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