A couple of weeks ago, we told you Google Assistant works in 30 languages in over 80 countries, but none of those were Belgium. The country wasn't shown as supported in Google's map, but things appear to be changing now. Belgian variants of four languages were just added to Google Assistant's official pages, and they seem to be working on phones... sort of.

The four variants in question are listed below:

Since I don't live in Belgium or know what the exact Belgian variant of French or English would be, the only way I could test this was set my phone's main language to one of them. Upon tapping and holding on the home button, Assistant launches properly (and not Discover or the old Google Search), which is the best way to tell that the digital helper is officially available in that language.

However, in Assistant's settings (Google app > More > Settings > Google Assistant > Assistant > Languages), I don't see any of these four variants yet. Perhaps the rollout has just began and the languages are still not fully implemented. Another thing missing are local news sources in Belgium, which also tells me things are just in a soft launch phase.

If you live in Belgium and speak one of these variants, I suggest you try it out on your phone by changing the system language to one of them and seeing how Assistant gets on. Does it pronounce things properly? Does it have local humor, general knowledge, info?

According to DH.be, Google had a press conference today in Brussels and announced Assistant for Belgium. That includes not only understanding local questions, but also integrations with third-parties like SNCB, Telenet, Proximus, ING, bpost, and IRM through Actions on Google. The rollout is starting today. Thanks, Zouz!