These days, OnePlus is known for engaging with its customers more than most smartphone manufacturers do, feeling out their interests when it comes to certain features. Just earlier today, the company published a series of responses related to customer feedback for the 7 Pro, covering a range of topics from the "ghost touch" issue to ongoing camera improvements, and even the potential its latest phone might pick up always-on display functionality — one of the most common requests.

OnePlus' global product operations manager said that always-on display is "still under consideration," and that the company is working on improving potential power efficiency before implementing it. That lack of an always-on display has been a frequent complaint since the OnePlus 6T, given many other flagships include the feature, and it can be hard to tell at times where the in-display fingerprint reader is without it. In a related discussion, concerns about the 7 Pro's battery life were compared to the company's previous phones, in which OnePlus states that it outperformed the OnePlus 6 and is "very close" to the 6T — a claim I can anecdotally agree with.

The ongoing "ghost touch" problem is unresolved, and OnePlus urges those with the issue to submit logs so a solution can be found. Not all devices seem to be affected, but those that are can help solve the problem.


When it comes to the 7 Pro's camera, OnePlus claims it is continually enhancing performance, with both the most recent update and the next planned update (expected "in a week or so") including related improvements. Wide-angle video support may also be considered in the future, based on demand, feedback, and feasibility.

The company says it is committed to resolving issues with the 7 Pro's cameras, though it also wants customers to keep in mind that camera quality is "subjective" as it continues its work. In fact, disappointed owners are welcome and invited to send substandard photos as feedback, so it can attempt to reproduce the circumstances and improve performance in the future — though it would prefer to have a "better [photo] attached for comparison."

For more details about these upcoming plans and the company's response to camera criticism, curious parties can read the full response by clicking through just below.