Hey, happy Memorial Day! Take a break from day drinking and eating various grilled meats and take a look at these deals. Basically every Philips Hue product you could want is on sale for the holiday, and we've also got deals on a Bluetooth bathroom scale a a couple of cool wireless charging accessories.

Philips Hue products: From $13

  • Philips Hue white bulb — $12.72, $2.22 off (Amazon)
  • Philips Hue white ambiance bulb — $21.24, $3.73 off (Amazon)
  • Philips Hue white ambiance four-bulb starter kit — $94.98, $19.43 off (Amazon)
  • Philips Hue motion sensor — $33.15, $2.22 off (Amazon)
  • Philips Hue white and color ambiance light strip — $67.99, $12 off (Amazon)

You're into smart lighting, right? If you're a fan of Philips Hue in particular, Amazon's running a sale you'll love: basically every Hue product you've ever heard of and probably a bunch you haven't are on sale for Memorial Day. The five I've listed here are just a fraction of what's on offer. Head over to Amazon to see the full sale.

Eufy Bluetooth bathroom scale: $20 ($10 off)

  • Eufy Smart Scale C1 — $19.99, $10 off (Amazon)

This bathroom scale from Anker sub-brand Eufy connects to your phone by Bluetooth to log your weight and approximate body fat percentage. It can even integrate with Google Fit. For 20 bucks, you're getting a scale that does more and looks nicer than most similarly-priced non-smart models.

Choetech five-coil dual wireless charger: $32 ($18 off)

  • Choetech five-coil dual wireless charger  — $31.99 with coupons, $18 off (Amazon)

Choetech's dual wireless charger has five charging coils inside, meaning it's got a larger charging surface than most similar pads. When I reviewed it earlier this month, though, I wasn't particularly pleased with the price: the model that includes a wall plug is normally $50 on Amazon, which is a touch steep. Now, though, by combining an on-page coupon with code T6TBGWO8, you can save $18. For $32, I can definitely recommend it.

Choetech wireless car charger: $19 ($10 off)

  • Choetech wireless charging car mount — $18.99 with coupon, $10 off (Amazon)

Speaking of Choetech and wireless charging, the company's also got a car mount that'll wirelessly charge your phone! It connects with microUSB, but considering you'll probably leave it plugged in full-time, that's not so bad. Samsung devices can pull up to 10 watts from the mount, assuming you've got a car charger capable of pushing that much. The charging mount is normally about $29, but coupon code CGQ547D5 will save you 10 bucks at checkout.